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ChemiScope 6000 Exp
Time:2017-01-13 15:56
Time:2017-01-13 15:56

      When we conduct the western blot experiments in a traditional way, we have to use film exposure in the darkroom to detect ECL illumination. However, the establishment of the darkroom wastes space, the process of the traditional exposure way is complicated, and the toxic reagents are not evitable. Now, Clinx ChemiScope Series Chemilluminescence Imaging systems provide direct chemiluminescent (ECL) imaging and enable the users to avoid inconvenience in a darkroom.


The Model ChemiScope 6000 Exp provides direct ECL imaging. It offers high sensitivity and wide linear range. Our professional software calculates the most available exposure time automatically and realize "one-click imaging". This model is compact and specialized in western blot experiment.




Blotting membrane:ECL, ECLplus

Protein detection:Coomassie Brilliant Blue, Silver Staining


ModelChemiScope 6000 Exp
CCD Size12.49mm X 9.99mm
Pixels2750 * 2200, 4.54 X 4.54um
A/D16bit(65536 Gray scales)
Cooling  Deep cooling CCD
Light SourceLED White Light
SoftwareImage acquision and analysis software