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GenoSens 1850 Gel Doc System
Time:2017-01-13 17:28
Time:2017-01-13 17:28

   GenoSens 1800 Series Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins. It adopts a high resolution and high sensitive scientific CCD-Camera, which enables the instrument to capture utter weak signals under extremely low illumination condition. The automatic controls and the intuitive software we offered can help the researchers to get rid of the complicated operation process and increase therefore the experiment efficiency.



DNA/RNA detection: Ethiduim Bromide,SYBR™ Gold,SYBR™ Green,SYBR™ Safe,Gel Star™,Texas Red,Fluorescein;

Protein Detection:Coomassie Brilliant Blue, Silver Staining,Sypro™ Red,Sypro™ Orange,Pro-QDiamond,Deep Purple;



-High resolution scientific CCD Camera

-High sensitivity and low noise

-Ultrafast lens

-Numerical adjusting focal length and aperture 

-Automatic contral module

-UV protection


Model            GenoSens 1850
CCD        5 Megapixels,A/D 10bit; pixel density:16 bit
Lens     Motorized F1.2 ultrafast lens
White light transmission        

     LED white light plate;

     Sample area: 20*32cm

Epi-white light     Double white LED
UV Transmission

     Sample area: 21*26cm,Wavelength 302nm;

     (Optional 254nm, 365nm)


     Standard 590nm;

     Other wavelengths optional