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UV transilluminators
Time:2017-02-28 16:23
Time:2017-02-28 16:23

Clinx''s high quality UV Transilluminators are designed for viewing DNA/RNA in agarose gels stained with ethidium bromide(EB) or other dyes. Transparent hinged cover, with UV-blocking material to protect users from exposure to hazardous UV radiation, is mounted by slip-hinges for easy removal and replacement. These 302nm or 365nm UV lamps produce even distribution at the filter surface for better identification and documentation of viewed gels. The 302nm UV induces high fluorescence and sensitivity in ethidium bromide/DNA complexes producing sharp, distinct bands. At this wavelength, photo-nicking, dimerization and photo-bleaching to gels are minimized. Unsurpassed UV intensity and outstanding irradiance uniformity enable visualization of even trace amounts of DNA. Airproof frame reduces the chance of gel damage or contamination.

The UV transilluminator can be widely used in the laboratory of university, research department and corporation involved in molecular biology, molecular genetics, medical and sanitation, agriculture and other life science fields.

Key features:
■Unique UV protective glass can be adjusted to the operator's visual angle and fixed providing better UV protection.
■There are different models for you to choose, single/dual wavelength, single/variable intensity, UV/dual-light. The UV wavelength 254nm, 302 nm or 365nm are selectable according to users’ needs. Different wavelength-selectable fit for different DNA dyes, such as SYBR-Green, SYPRO Orange. Also different wavelength for different experimental purpose: 302nm for detection and analysis of EB stained DNA/RNA, 365nm for gel incision or DNA preparation.
■Dual-light Transilluminator provides two 20cm×20cm work surfaces. White light filter surface is designed for coomassie blue stained protein gels, methylene blue stained DNA gels, silver stained protein gels, autoradiographies, and microtiter plates.
■Excellent transmission efficiency for certain wavelength ensures highly detective sensitivity and increase the capture ability for weak signals.
Rational structural design and high-quality UV lamp produce unsurpassed UV intensity and outstanding irradiance uniformity.
■Small figure and airproof frame make the equipment life longer and maintenance easier.
■ A cooling fan featured inside can improve the life of the machine.

ModelTransmitting area (mm)Wavelength(nm)IntensitySize(mm)
CUV20A260×210302(254, 365 option)Variable intensity360×290×90
CUV40A260×210302&365 (254 option)Variable intensity360×290×90