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GenoSens 2000 Touch Series
Time:2019-05-16 10:16
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竖线.jpgProduct introduction

GenoSens 2000 Touch Series Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins. It adopts a high resolution and high sensitive scientific CCD-Camera, which enables the instrument to capture utter weak signals under extremely low illumination condition. The automatic controls and the intuitive software we offered can help the researchers to get rid of the complicated operation process and increase therefore the experiment efficiency. 


General features of Clinx's imaging systems




Gel Inspection

Diverse dyes,  e.g.: Ethiduim Bromide, SYBR™ Gold, SYBR™ Green, SYBR™Safe, GelStar™, Texas Red, Fluorescein, marked DNA/RNA detection.

Protein Inspection

Commassie Brilliant Blue, Silver Staining and Fluorescent dyes, e.g.: Sypro™ Red,  Sypro™ Orange,Deep Purple, Pro-Q Diamond etc.   


Others:  ELISA Plate, Petri Dish Colony Counter, TLC Plate, etc.

Features of gel doc system

Polymer by RIM Molding

The front panel and door is designed by Reaction Injection Molding. It is environment friendliness.

Upgrading easily

Select one configuration for your applications now, and upgrade later when your applys different applications with adding other tray or hardware module:

a)      UV transmission

b)      UV+BLUE light transmission

c)      UV+BLUE+White light transmission

Better user experience

Base on application,only use arabic numerals ,which is matched on different applictions automatically, instead of the professional parameter of apeture and focus.

Switchable operation mode

You can use your machine by stand alone PC or embedded touch screen PC, Only you press the “switch button” easily.  

UV SMART™ transilluminator

Compared with the traditional UV transilluminator, the “non-lamp” design of UV Smart™ provides uniform transmission and better background.

Blue and white Light transilluminator

The magnetic thimble interfaces realize free switching between the blue light and white light transmission. The touchable brightness adjustment switch facilitates the gel observation and recovery.


Main System



F1.2 mortorized lens 


Sample tray

Super Slim white LED Transilluminator 

Super Slim blue LED Transilluminator(470nm) 

UVSmart™ UV Transilluminator(302nm)  


8 Sockets filter wheel


Multi-fluorescence light module