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Clinx Science Instruments Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality chemiluminescence Western Blot imaging systems and high-quality services for 

Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Medical Health Organizations and the Key national Laboratories over the world.



China Pharmaceutical University

Tropical Agricultural Sciences in China

China University of Science and Technology

Adelaide University

Tokyo University

Seoul University 

University of Chinese Medicine

Tsinghua University

Peking University

Beijing Normal University

Fudan University

Tongji University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences

East China Normal University

Xiamen University

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang chinese medical university

Hangzhou Normal University

Suzhou University

Suzhou Health Vocational and Technical School

Xuzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Southwest University

Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry Science and 


Xi'an Medical College

Xi'an Jiaotong University

WuHan University

Wannan Medical College

Tianjin Medical University

Taishan Medical University

Shenzhen University

Shanxi Normal University

Shandong University

Nantong University

Nankai University

Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Agricultural University

Nanjing University of Technology

Nanjing University

Nanchang University

Kunming Medical University

Academy of Military Medical Sciences

Beijing-Tianjin University Science Park

Jiangsu University

Jiangnan University

Jinan University

Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology College

Jilin University

Huaihai Institute of Technology

Huazhong Agricultural University

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Overseas Chinese University

South China University of Technology

Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine

Henan Nanyang Normal University

Guizhou Medical University

Guizhou Normal University

Guangxi University for Nationalities

Fujian Medical University

Southeast University

Second Military Medical University

Third Military Medical University

The Fourth Military Medical University

Bengbu College

Anqing Teachers College

Anhui Medical University

Zunyi Medical College

Zhengzhou University

Academy of Sciences

Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Genetics and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Plant Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Pharmaceuticals, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences

Xiamen Food Science and Technology Research and Testing Center

National Center for Nanoscience

National Center for Safety Evaluation of New Drugs

Shanghai Biochip Center

Medical Organizations

Shanghai Tumor Hospital

Shanghai First People's Hospital

Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital

Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese 


Shanghai Shuguang Hospital

Shanghai Changzheng Hospital

Shanghai Children's Hospital

Shanghai Jing'an District Hospital

Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center

Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Second Military Medical University

Zhejiang First People's Hospital

Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University

Changzhou First People's Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

Dongguan Eighth People's Hospital

Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University

Central Laboratory of Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Fujian 

Medical University

Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hangzhou Cancer Hospital

Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical College

Union Medical College Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and 


Second Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University

Changchun Bethune First Hospital

Pediatric Hospital of Jinan City

Yichang Central People's Hospital

Wuxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Nanjing Brain Hospital

General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University

Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University